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Guardian Program

We love our dogs. Like, really really love them. We need a number of dogs with different blood lines (not immediate family) to breed, to enhance the health and quality we want our dogs to have. Having a number of dogs on site presents issues such as property zoning, noise, workload and makes it hard to create a great quality of life for each dog.

We put huge value on the fact that all of our dogs are house raised with loving families. They receive the love, exercise, stimulation and socialisation they need to be great, happy pets and fantastic parents!

We keep a number of our dogs in our own homes and have also placed some dogs in selected homes with Guardian Families. When the dog is ready for breeding, and once they have passed our high standards, we temporarily get them back from their Guardians.

At the moment we have an extremely long list of vetted families for our Guardian Program. We thank you for your interest, but cannot take any more enquiries at this time.