DNA Standards

Dogs can have serious hereditary genetic diseases, just like people.

Purebred dogs can be especially prone to genetic diseases as breeders have historically ‘line bred’ (inbred) dogs to enhance certain aesthetic traits.

We DNA test all our breeding dogs at Orivet DNA to track all genetic traits. All test results are supplied to and studied by our Vet, who provides us with advice on which breeding pairs would be most likely to produce healthy pups, and which pairs we should avoid to breed.

Luckily, through modern technology & Oriviet DNA’s services we are able to eliminate recessive genetic diseases within our breeding program over time, and produce completely clean and healthy dogs who are given the best chance at a happy and healthy life!


 Health Standards

All our dogs are presented to our Vet, Justin Clancy of Family Vet Centre, at various stages through their lives.

One of the most important visits is at the stage when we are considering entering dogs into our breeding program.

All our dogs go through Justin’s rigorous health checks, where he assesses structural quality, eyes, gums, ears, etc.

Justin looks for anything that would render the dog unhealthy and unable to go through the rigours of breeding, while also looking for any traits and features that would be undesirable to breed.

We value Justin’s opinion highly and work with him closely.

Temperament Standards

A dog’s temperament is primarily hereditary and we are aware of the importance of having a dog that fits into the modern family.

All of our dogs participate in Scott Harris’ New Age Dog Training to have their temperament assessed before breeding.

Dogs have three hardwired characteristics at the most primitive level, being ‘fight’, ‘flight’ or ‘submit’.

Wolki Schnauzers are bred for companionship and families, therefore we pick dogs that exhibit ‘flight’ or ideally ‘submit’ qualities.

Scott Harris has decades of experience from support dogs to service dogs and we find his methods, dog handling skills and intuition to be of the standard that suits our program.


 Aesthetic Standards

Always last of all for us, is aesthetics.

That does not mean that aesthetics are not important to us! It means that dogs have to pass our other 3 standards first and foremost, as our dog’s health and well-being is always paramount.

Much of the damage done to purebred dogs over the decades by various breeding clubs and groups is because they have focused purely on physical characteristics, and therefore have engaged heavily in inbreeding and other activities which have harmed the health and function of dogs. Luckily the Miniature Schnauzer is a robust and stoic dog that has escaped the bulk of harm done by these ‘breed standards’. It is also helpful that the Miniature Schnauzer ‘breed standard’ is generally acceptable and does not encourage anything unhealthy like flat faces, excessively distorted body shapes or similar found in many other breed standards.